Bullywug shaman 5e

Bullywugs were frog-like, amphibious humanoid creatures that could be found among the swamps and marshes of Toril.

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Bullywugs were amphibian humanoids with the head of frogs, about the size of humanswith leathery, green or gray-mottled skin, and webbed digits. They were renowned for both their camouflage and incredible jumping abilities, capable of leaping roughly 30 ft 9. A particular point of interest regarding Bullywugs, as discovered by Brother Twick of Verduska halfling cleric of Chaunteawas that they were irresistibly drawn to ale and either died or lapsed into a coma when they drank the alcoholic beverage, depending on the amount.

Bullywug attacks have become increasingly rare in the lands surrounding their territories, where settlements kept an ale or two, in preparation for their raids. Females would lay a clutch of or so eggs once a year, which would be watched over by the collective tribe. The spawn that hatched were non-intelligent and resembled large tadpoles. They would feed upon insects or small creatures until they were large enough to leave the breeding pool, usually around six to eight weeks.

bullywug shaman 5e

Following this exile, the juvenile bullywugs were forced to fend for themselves. Unfortunately for them, only one percent of bullywugs reached adulthood. Bullywugs rarely worked alongside other creatures since they would rather use them for food or sacrifice for their summoning magic.

However, occasionally during hard times, small groups of bullywugs latched onto a powerful ally that could help them bring down tougher game. The bullywugs that lived within the Marsh of Chelimber believed they were in a never-ending battle with the sivs over control of the edge of the wetlands. In truth, the sivs emerged victorious in the conflict and allowed the ravenous amphibians to live within their realm, serving as a buffer between them outsiders from beyond the marsh.

More comfortable in their home terrain, probably due to their skill in camouflage, bullywugs preferred to fight in or near water. They were inconsistent as combatants, in some instances fighting to the death despite any odds, while in others they would flee in fear if only a few of their numbers dropped, even if they maintained an advantage in numbers. It was not uncommon for bullywugs to kill for sport.

Bullywugs lived in primitive, semi-organized communities that hunted and fished together. Oddly enough, they tended not to fight within the tribe, but would fight with rival tribes. Bullywug colonies disrupted the natural environment of any land, eating off the land until their immense gullets were filled, before they moved on.


They have been known to strip large swathes of land, leaving behind barren muddy quagmires. A grouping of four bullywugs was known as a "pod".

A pair of pods was called a "float", and between two and six floats made up a "pond" of bullywugs. Bullywug ponds would often migrate, in their constant search for more territory and food, and move on too rapidly to leave behind any items that reflected their "culture".

They used simple weapons like halfspears and as a point of pride, wore at least leather armor despite the extra strain it put on their ability to swim. Clerics were fairly common among bullywug societies, often comprising about one tenth of their population. They fetishized the summoning of immensely powerful monsters, often well-beyond their control.Bullywugs are petty, bad-tempered humanoid frogs, native to swampy areas.

All their physical abilities are modestly above average; they have proficiency in Stealth and the Swamp Camouflage feature, which grants them advantage on Dexterity Stealth checks in swampy terrain.

Moreover, their Standing Leap ability lets them move their full speed of 20 feet per turn as a long jump, when the jumping rule would normally allow them to leap only 6 feet. This allows them to cover distance in difficult marshy terrain without having to halve their movement speed. And for the sake of flavor, I like the idea of having bullywugs bouncing around like a bunch of ornery little superballs during combat rather than trudging around in 2-D as we landbound humanoids must.

At the right moment, they spring out of hiding, land next to the PCs, and kick off melee combat with surprise, spearing and biting. If any PC drops his or her weapon, the nearest bullywug will grab and grapple that PC and pull him or her away from the fight, rifling his or her pockets and pouches for anything valuable.

Bullywugs are essentially cowards. However, a seriously injured bullywug reduced to 4 hp or fewer will indeed flee, using the Dash action to double its movement speed, leaping into the nearest water deep enough to swim in and possibly incurring one or more opportunity attacksthen swimming away. If no water of sufficient depth is near enough, it simply leaps twice, 20 feet each time.

Bullywugs will also flee when their numbers are reduced to fewer than one-and-a-half the number of PCs, then attempt to regroup with other bullywugs in the area, stalk the PCs and attack again when the opportunity presents itself. How would Bullywug utilize other frogs? Such as the basic frog or giant frog? The stat block says they can communicate with them, so would they utilize frogs in their ambush? Would they not hide underwater, utilizing their superior swim speed?

This allows farther ambushes and a higher likelihood of sportier when do players think to check underwater?And bullywugs are no exception. Like many of the monsters appearing in the 5e Monster Manual, bullywugs have been hopping around since first edition. Now, in 5e the little froggy dudes are described as super evil showboats that live in authoritarian societies led by the biggest fattest?

Keith Ammann has some great tactical advice for DMs running bullywugs. You can read it here: Bullywug Tactics. Most of the humanoids in the Monster Manual have a leader variant such as the goblin boss or bugbear chief.

bullywug shaman 5e

And sometimes, they have two levels of leader variants like the hobgoblin with the hobgoblin captain and hobgoblin warlord. From the fluff, we know that the bullywugs are lead by unusually large bullywugs, typically a king or queen. These will be bullywugs stepped up from the base 5e stats. We know these guys are smarter than their swamp cousins. Plus, all of his abilities are pretty much laid out for me in the fluff.

For the requisite swamp shaman archetype, a bullywug shaman of Ramenos should be fun to make. Just not commercially. Magic Resistance. The bullywug has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.

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Speak with Frogs and Toads. The bullywug can communicate simple concepts to frogs and toads when it speaks in Bullywug. Standing Leap. The bullywug makes two melee attacks: one with its bite and one with its shortsword.

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Who is more fun? Thread starter Staccat0 Start date Aug 1, Staccat0 First Post. Enough with goblins and skeletons. Let's talk about having fun with the c-team of low level monsters. I've never ran either. Looking for some inspiration. Al'Kelhar Adventurer. I have used them largely as minions of greater Cthuhlu-esque masters, such as kraken and aboleths.

I haven't seen much merit in kuo-toa as creatures with which PCs can interact on a basis other than "invade the submerged lair of the mad cultists and kill them all" basis. I have had some non-combat fun with bullywugs, however. In my current campaign, bullywug tribes inhabit the large area of mangrove swamp adjacent to the city-state where the PCs began the campaign Sasserine, on the Amedio peninsula in Greyhawk, if you're interested.

In game terms, bullywugs seem to be nothing more than alt-lizardfolk, in that they're a primitive tribal people who live in swamps. But whereas lizardfolk are supposed to have some unemotional reptilian mindset, I've set up bullywug society as led by a deeply insecure nobility that desperately and badly replicates the behaviours and trappings of the human culture that they've had contact with.

Of course, being deeply insecure, the bullywug leaders are always intent on proving that they are better at everything than everyone else - which they are quite clearly not. This has led to some hilarious gaming sessions, including one where the PCs had to negotiate with one "Blubber the Glutt", self-proclaimed king of all the bullywug tribes, for passage through his territory and a guide to help them locate a witch hag who lived in the swamp.

Yes, Blubber the Glutt looked exactly the way you imagine, and was carried on a palanquin that was nothing more than an old rowboat. The party had to engage in various games of skill against bullywug champions, whom they had to beat to avoid becoming dinner for the tribewhile also humiliating members of the king's court, and stroking the king's own ego, to solidify the king's position as premier leader of the bullywugs.

The games included swimming around the moat surrounding the bullywug village faster than the fastest bullywug swimmer.Want to see some ready-made encounters? Check out the Encounter List. Select your party size and level in the top left. The experience amounts to the right are your difficulty budgets.

bullywug shaman 5e

If you just want an encounter immediately, click on "Random Medium" below the party info. If you click the down arrow next to it you can select a different difficulty.

Bullywug Variants for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

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Your Encounter. Difficulty: None. HP: to. Show: 10 25 50 You need to log in first to save encounters.The group stood over the bodies of the fishmen and relished their finds; between them they collected five tridents and a trio of shortswords. Thinking they needed to move on the group decided they would investigate the three small camps to their north. During the journey they came across a huge insect like creature with six legs and huge mandibles.

It continued to pursue them for a half mile before after a final threatening display it backed away having convinced the party to leave its territory. The group eventually found a smaller hill which rose up out of the swamp and believing this to be the location of the camp they used pass without trace to improve their ability to move unseen or heard. After a short while the group were able to take up a spot nearby and look over the area seeing a couple of tribal frog people with weapons and an unarmed frogperson tending to a group of young frogfolk.

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They observed them for a while and the unarmed individual seemed to be feeding the youngsters. Travelling to the next camp took about thirty minutes. This site seemed to have a different arrangement as the area was more traditionally swamp like but had some mud huts surrounding a central tree which appeared to have been burnt into a blackened husk of a tree. The party successfully sneaked into position to observe.

Hans was quickly able to determine the group was almost identical to the previous site, a group of children a couple of guards and someone tending to the children. No obvious sign of the cause of the damage to the local trees was spotted, though they assumed fire damage. Deciding against openly slaughtering the bullywugs the group left. However, as they did so after a few minutes they spotted a group of around nine frogfolk moving in to the area, possibly returning home.

They reached a open canyon in the ground about 50 ft. Which appeared to be made up of four tribal guards, two heavily armoured Bullywugs and another carrying a staff. The group observed the creatures noticing the staff one Bullywug was carrying seemed to be having an effect upon the ground underneath it, causing a rippling effect on the ground which seemed to radiate out from it.

The group decided to take the opportunity to ambush the group immediately, Hobbes immediately devastating the one carrying the staff with three well aimed attacks, leaving it on the brink of death. Hans struck one of the smaller Bullywugs with his crossbow and Irminric aimed true killing the Shaman before it could react. Lessening the threat to the group. Missy used her ability to cause dolorous bells to ring around one of the creatures hurting it.

Immediately afterwards Hans leaped down athletically landing on top of one of the creatures and squashing it to a pulp, he then charged towards one of the armoured figures thrashing at it with his axe.

Hobbes again did his best to thin the group from above bringing another of the guards down. Irminric stepped back from the ledge and reloaded his crossbow, hiding from the enemy. Missy began to climb down the ledge trying to use her toll the dead spell to affect one of the enemy but was unable to affect the creature.

The creatures charged the barbarian and did their best to spear him in to submission, but he merely grinned and weathered their attacks magnificently.

A spear was thrown at him but he managed to avoid the attack. Hobbes continued the slaughter from above cutting the remaining enemies down to three. Missy took an opportunity to cast dispel magic on the staff which was on the ground and immediately the effect the item was having on the surrounding area ceased, the effect appeared to begin to reverse. Irminric managed to fire a bolt into one of the armoured Bullywugs and Hans savagely cut down its ally.

In a panic the smaller Bullywug threw another spear at the barbarian again causing some minor damage before it turned to run but Hobbes put an arrow through its face causing it to collapse onto the barbarian. Following this the group searched through the creatures items and had a lengthy discussion about whether to rest up in the canyon, eventually concluding the best option was to proceed away from the area.

D&D 5e Combat Generator

Hobbes took a moment of concentration to understand who was in the region and discovered there were pairs of humanoids that appeared to be patrolling all over the region. Therefore he directed the group to be quiet and to follow him carefully. The party did their best to travel in the manner he dictated and when they almost ran in to a patrol he was able to redirect the group.

Finding a spot in the swamp that was dry was tough but they eventually spotted a small open topped circular walled structure, possibly an old earth working of some kind, certainly defensible and secluded enough they might be able to remain hidden for the evening. Exhausted Hans immediately flopped on to the ground for a rest; the group were unable to rouse him from his slumber. Between the group they agreed to arrange themselves Missy Taking the First watch until around 10 in the evening followed by Irminric and then Hobbes.

Missy found the evening quiet, noting nothing unusual and her four hour watch passed uneventfully.Below the dark waters of the Grimbog lay in wait a fearsome predator. Large, yellow eyes protruded from the surface, raising up drifting aquatic flora as it peered across the water in search of unsuspecting prey. Glurgh's wide mouth pulled into a grin at the thought of all the tasty treats he'd drive his spear through, today.

All he had to do was wait. Life as a Bullywug is nasty, brutish, and wet.

bullywug shaman 5e

Bullywugs do not hydrate by taking in water orally. Instead, these frogheaded amphibious humanoids must stay moist, dwelling in rainy forests, marshes, and damp caves. Always hungry, Bullywugs overwhelm opponents with superior numbers when they can, but they flee from serious threats to search for easier prey.

Bullywugs have green, gray, or mottled yellow skin that shifts through shades of gray, green, and brown, allowing them to blend in with their surroundings. Some more exotic tribes of Bullywug may sport more vibrant coloration.

They wear crude armor and wield simple weapons, and can deliver a powerful bite to foes that press too close. Bullywugs consider themselves the right and proper rulers of the swamps. They follow an etiquette of sorts when dealing with outsiders and each other, subject to the whims and fancies of their leader- a self-styled lord of the muck.

Bullywugs introduce themselves with grand-sounding titles, make great shows of bowing and debasing themselves before their superiors, and endlessly vie to win their superiors' favor. Bullywugs love nothing more than lording over those who trespass on their territories. Their warriors attempt to capture intruders rather than simply slaying them.

Captives are dragged before the king or queen-a bullywugs of unusually large size- and forced to beg for mercy. Bribes, treasure, and flattery can trick the bullywug ruler into letting its captives go, but not before it tries to impress its "guests" with the majesty of its treasure and its realm.

Struck with a deep inferiority complex, bullywug lords fancy themselves as kings and queens, but desperately crave the fear and respect of outsiders. Bullywug names are monosyllabic. These names are mostly unisex, though some may suit a particular sex better than the other. Bullywugs do not have tribe names or surnames. Instead, they take the name of one of their parents as a last name. Males usually take their father's name with the prefix Ur son of. Females most often take their mother's name, prefixed with Ir daughter of.

Age: Bullywugs reach adulthood around their 15th year and most are expected to live approximately half a century.

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